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National: 107 Human Rights Violations against Defenders – Mexico Cerezo Committee

Martes 1ro de septiembre de 2020, por Comité Cerezo México

On August 24th, the Mexico Cerezo Committee presented its 9th Report, “Defend Human Rights in Mexico, Impunity That Does Not End”, that reflects the human rights violations (HRV) that were committed by the Mexican State against human rights defenders during the period from June 1st, 2019 to May 31st, 2020.

In the presentation, through a live broadcast, representatives of the organizations that prepared the report participated (Mexico Cerezo Committee, Urgent Action for Human Rights Defenders and the National Campaign against Disappearance), as well as guests of the High Commissioner of the UN for Human Rights (UNHCHR), from the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Foundation, human rights specialists and journalists.

The report documents that during the recorded period, 107 incidents occurred in which there were human rights violations against human rights defenders, a decrease compared to previous years. It also indicates that HRV by federal authorities decreased while the highest percentage of attacks were committed by state actors (89 percent of the cases).

The report also highlights that there were 249 arbitrary arrests, and that there was an increase in the number of female victims. In addition, in that same period of time, nine people were victims of extrajudicial murder: three in Guerreo, two in Veracruz and Oaxaca, one in Chiapas and Chihuahua. Meanwhile, four people were victims of forced disappearance: two in Guerreo and two in Chiapas.

The main rights defended by the victims of HRV in the term were: the right to protest, a dignified life, environmental territory, defending human rights, labor rights, human rights of women and migrants, freedom of expression and education.

The participants insisted that the reduction in the amount of HRV by federal authorities is not enough, when “the Federal Government has also deployed a strategy of omission given the serious HRV of the immediate past and a policy of simulation for the rights to the Memory, Truth and Justice of the victims.” They stressed the null response of the federal authorities in situations in which “the National Guard does not prevent human rights violations in joint operations with state forces.” They also highlighted that, under the government of Andres Manuel Lopez, most of the HRVs were mainly committed by police corporations, while in previous mandates they were civilian or paramilitary groups, commented Alejandro Cerezo Contreras, coordinator of Urgent Action for Human Rights Defenders (ACUDDEH)

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