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Antonio Cerezo Contreras imprissonment goes around the following conditions:

Since January 14 he stays in the Centro de Observación y Clasificación (Observation and Clasification Center), situation against the rules of the jail, in which Article 30 says that the new prisoners "must be hosted in the Observation and Clasification Center for time no longer than 15 days", for making personality studies that justify their individual treatment.

He has been 48 days long in aloneliness since January 16th when he entered into the Penal de Alta Seguridad de Matamoros until March 5th, when the autorities let her sister visit him.

Antonio stays in a cell of aprox. 2.5 x 3.5 meters long, with WC, a bed and a table.

15 days later he had permission to have a library: three books a week; to walk in the yard from 12:00 to 13:00, he eats his food in his cell and after a week he could have a plate.

He is alone in a corridor, he goes to the yard alone and has no contact with anyone except the keepers\cops and the psichology service.

Antonio finally got out os the loneliness in the punishment cells after 117 days. He stays in the Matamoros, Tamapulipas high security prison.


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